Advantages of Positivity in NFT after 3 years Don’t waste time

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Advantages of Positivity in NFT after 3 years Don't waste time

Advantages of Positivity in NFT after 3 years #Don’t waste time

Advantages of Positivity in NFT For example, someone from you buys a painting for the amount of 100 million, that amount to him is polluted and he can resell it again and at a loss He can sell it for 80 And when he is asked about the source of the money, he says that the source was selling the picture for 80 million.

Losing 20 million is not a problem, I understand!! Its everyone does it differently. This is only an example, for example, as its uses There are many uses for it. There are many uses that we will explain, why is it necessary?

But I think it was found to appreciate the artist in my personal view We will go through to explain N.F.T.’s Advantages of Positivity in NFT role and why it existed And why would someone buy a painting for 100 million?

For example, I can draw that same painting, how do they know it?

How are you going to do that?? You will copy and paste it from him Even if you do, the tracking feature prevents it Everyone knows you don’t own it Even if you mine it, even you can mine it

The same image will be restored.

Where, according to the secret tracking feature, he does not want to buy it from you because he does not know youHe wants to buy it from the artist because he wants to support him. Are all the artists there known??

Yes, in most cases, and you must buy it from a well-known person or in a well-known group and the company that produced it You can mine it in the blockchain for everyone. Well, we said that the uses of N.F.T.??

stadium, This is my way of explaining did you get sleepy?? oh satisfaction Are you center?? Put the phone down and focus here? Leave the phones look in my eyes So we said we support the artist As an artist, your livelihood and effort will not be wasted.

The most Advantages of Positivity in NFT

Advantages of positivity in nft

Advantages of Positivity in NFT

Everyone secures their money in the blockchain Joking, listen up, gentlemen

In your home you must acquire the foundation People have bought places in the Desuntraland

Everyone buys the site in the project he prefers.

When we want to build a house, it will not be free People have bought websites for only 6 or 7 dollars But you did not decide to live until the price became high, then you will complain that there is no place to teach your children.

Why didn’t you buy them a place in the metaverse when it was cheap?

Did you understand! Yeah, like that. Haven’t you seen the movie Black Mirror?

In order to be given value for everything. Because we are! we! I think we’re walking into a world A cup of Morocco, my friends. greeting! Look!

There is a video (meaning that he holds it in the video) that certifies that I own this mug as yours. Here it is NFT We are in the process of moving now, they are talking about WEB3

We were only in web 1.

let’s go to web 2 and now we are in web 2 and we’ll go to web 3 And we’ll move on to the… Over all this there is an argument. I can tell you that we got into it a little bit Web3 is characterized by the Blockchain.

The meaning of web1 is that it was initially in the 2000s and…we were only reading what was published was read-only technology The page appears like Wikipedia, this is how the internet was.

Whoever has a page can read what this company offers him, we were only consuming and we were not given the choice In Web 2, we are the ones who create content We have the right to act

We control the content. I understand

As for the web3, which we are going to go to, for viewers, this is just my personal interpretation

Everything will become decentralized and will not be owned by a single company The user will be paid and his data will not be taken and sold.

He will not be just a consumer but will have an income not by selling his data

You will do your normal protein in metaverses What is decentralization Let you know that everyone has the right to mine in the future Anyone with a computer or just add some info

Eden also has a role once he enters the metaverse.

So he will get paid for this support He also earns something This is our path, but the ads will not be for you This means that the company will not sell your data In Metaverse, while you are walking, advertisements will appear.

You’ll see ads in real life as much as you can imagine This is our path and where the future is heading As for web 3, what we will do in metamask can be considered web 3 If you want to buy, how do you do it, you will buy it with Ethereum.

Yes, you need a wallet Where will it be mined? Once you click on the image, it will pass to put its fingerprint in the blockchain Therefore, even though the site is normal, everything that happens happens in the blockchain, as if we are now in the web 3.

Because it includes blockchain and decentralization

the rights roles and Advantages of Positivity in NFT

Everything we talked about is very important because you have to understand the direction of the future in order to direct your focus. The goal is not profit, we are talking about the future

I am not in to secure a financial income.

He jokes that this is one of the signs of the hour I was afraid it’s the sign of the big hour Advantages of Positivity in NFT

Why did you explain all this, which people will find boring because everyone is after a quick profit Advantages of Positivity in NFT .

As if we are talking about trade, we are discussing the future, and the direction of the structure must be understood To be a good investor Yes, understand the direction of the development of the world So you will not follow the wave and you will be scammed Advantages of Positivity in NFT .

I will tell you personally I’ve worked in e-commerce and POD 147 00:11:01,900 → 00:11:01,600 POD a lot I think NFT has a lifestyle Nothing can be learned from a course or a lifestyle video

What we talked about is just an entrance and a general culture, everyone will find his way in the field.

They want the numbers (i.e. people are only interested in making a quick profit)

I will not seduce you with numbers, I consider myself very boring and I prefer to follow me only 11 people who understand and apply.

I will not tempt you with numbers and take advantage of your ignorance in the field. If you follow me, you will be following numbers only Now we will explain how to download the metamask.

Metamask is a wallet that provides you with Ethereum It is a method that runs DAP It’s a wallet for example, here, if you want to buy How do you do it then you need a wallet in order to buy in any program.

For NFT is not only sold but also mined You, as an artist, can create a website. What is mining??

Project mining is that you make a fingerprint and record it in the blockchain For example, this is a token that you fingerprint. Whenever you talk about mining.

I mean your fingerprint So that when I send you the token, it will be accompanied by the information of the metal object That’s why it appears to you that you have come up with a picture.

In Ethereum I have already created in it. Did you know? These currencies are supposed to be kept in a hard wallet or in the bank Called COLD WALLET It must be placed in an unknown location To avoid being hacked.

What are they doing now (pirates) When I explain the metamask, there are many viruses It was on your computer?

all people have When I copy a wallet to send her money I don’t see the virus until I stick the wallet and send the money.

I find that the recipient has not received the money And I don’t know him, he’s your load

Anyone with unlicensed Windows 177 00:14:01,900 → 00:10:02,600 later!!Everyone running Windows, even KMS

has this virus I was sending money to a friend He didn’t get it then we found outI noticed that the number I pasted was not the one I copied

Thank God I noticed this because the number was long and hard to notice

The basics and Advantages of Positivity in NFT

This is what the person who created Ethereum did He put it in three places when he wanted to sell he had to travel In order to enter his wallet and sell the Sheba, which was growing at the time.

Now we will download the metamask so that you have a wallet to do whatever you want

It allows you to enter the world of Ethereum Because it is based on it, which gives you the possibility to enter the world of Ethereum.

Now there are many blockchains There is Ethereum, Bitcoin was the first test of NFT in Bitcoin and it was called coloredcoin He sends you a colored queen with information that it contains a color.

So, you have knowledge in comparison to others They tried to introduce this term to Bitcoin, but as a blockchain Why were all these values ​​given to Bitcoin even though it is not useful?? Because Bitcoin was the first to use the blockchain.

It is like gold as a reference that explains this value There are many projects that provide solutions in this field For example now, Ethereum that came up with this solution has gone up

Where it was at $100 and now it’s $4,000, it has gone up because it has a use.

The problem now is the cost of Levi’s, as you need it so much in mining that it takes $100 to complete a task For example, you want to cancel a transfer, you must pay 50 dollars, to be paid in each transaction, 40 dollars is the least paid Now it’s only $150 to change something

So it is expensive just to change.

So other coins came like I use a lot of Polygon She put a layer on the Ethereum Polygon she did tIt is on the ethereal lists, but it came as a solution to the aforementioned problems So I advise young people.

Those who want to specialize in this field know in which currency to invest

In the coin that offers solutions for example when I was previously explaining to Polygon to the comrades

It used to be $0.5, now it’s $7 If you invest in a currency like Then a new currency appeared that did not follow the wave Although the currency has no role, that is just a wave Unless you want to seize the opportunity (buy and sell quickly).

It does not have a long term in the absence of an actual role for it We will start the application now. You must download Metamask in order to enter the world of Ethereum Now you log into your browser Looking for other tools?