My Neighbor Alice coin metaverse game Top 3 and Sheap price

My Neighbor Alice coin metaverse game Top 3 and Sheap price
My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice Privileges game

And that’s where I can see the fashionability of a design similar as My Neighbor Alice going in the future. İt is going to be a high- threat play.

When we look at the overall commemorative, also the commemorative is over 28 lately, and it’s still not indeed close to its each- time highs grounded off of where it was back in March. So that just allows me to kind of see where is really some of the major resistance in this design.

I really do suppose this has a lot more implicit, and when we look at the request cap with USD, it’s indeed lower than the likes of Illuvium.

This design has also yet to launch. Its full gameplay has n’t been released and is anticipated to release q1 of 2022.

Price and Market Stats metaverse game My Neighbor Alice Sheap price


Alice Price


MArket Cap Rank


All_Time _High

$40.94 / -47.2%

Mar 15,2021

All_Time _Low

$3,24 / +567,6%

Jun 22,2021

Market Cap


Market Cap Dominance


Trading Volume


Volume / Market Cap

24h Low/ 24h High

7d/Low/7d High



Each player is represented by an icon in the game, and players could interact with others through the icon. Players could also modify the icon by installing different means to it.

Islands Virtual

In the game, players could either buy virtual plots from Alice or in the business. There’s a scarce force of plots in the macrocosm and each piece of land is represented in the form of NFT commemoratives.

Assets Games


There are in- game means that can be stationed into the game and they can be bought on the business. Among them- houses, creatures, veggies, decorations, or ornamental particulars for the player’s icon.


Alice commemorative is the main currency of the game, it enables players to change NFTs, buy land and use specific DeFi products similar as collateralization, buyback, and staking, substantially in the first phases of the game development


Key Features:

The game is free to play but will contain in

- game purchases

My Neighbor Alice includes a variety of in

- game features designed to advance and upgrade druggies’gaming experience.

Players can trade their land and other in-

game particulars, similar as houses, walls, creatures and shops in the virtual in- game business.

Virtual islets are important rudiments of the game structure. Players can buy plots of land from Alice after the onboarding or in the business.

Incorporations are used to represent players in the game. Players can customize and epitomize their incorporations with the help of ornamental particulars and modify it by installing different means to it.

Players can collect and trade colorful in

- game particulars, similar as houses, walls, shops and creatures in the in

- game business.

My neighbor Alice will have a character system that rewards players as good coproprietors with adding benefits.

My Neighbor Alice will enable colorful possibilities for players to work on a participated thing and join coffers to complete fun conditioning. For illustration, the game will enable community

-created events where players will share in conditioning and competitions.



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