the metaverse history exclusive 19|09

the metaverse history  exclusive 19|09

the metaverse history

the metaverse history, its truth and its dangerous impact And most importantly, how can you benefit from it financially, with the blessing of God.

Thousands of clips touched on the topic and flattened it to the point that

The observer might think that the idea was revived by surprise by billionaire inspiration Mark Benn Edward, and this is a mistake the metaverse history,.

the metaverse history Technology has roots that go back decades, if not centuries It is important to already know the idea of ​​dear followers, it is important to know where the rich come from

With their thoughts, it is also important to know the metaverse history how to think Come on:

the roots of the story If the liar believes himself to the point of believing that what he says is the same truth.

Does this make him a liar or vice versa? In the 1960s, an unknown man named Inju Swan appeared He claimed that he had a technology that would allow him to travel anywhere in the world without his body leaving the room.

He challenged two scientists to prove to them to some extent that he could describe places he had not visited before That experience was documented by the Stanford Research Institute at the time.

And the US Army, by the way, was the one who financed it Such strange research under the name of the Stargate Project Did Inju Swan stop there?

Of course not, but It is the beginning of the seventies, he will travel to Jupiter, and he will describe it to us in detail and at length, and will even present Scientists have a set of facts for the first time about the planet.

This ignites curiosity Especially since this man claims that what he is doing can be explained by science and anyone can do it.

However, after a little research, we discover that the matter is far from science

the metaverse history It uses a technique called etheric projection According to his expression, it allows a person to travel consciously wherever he wants.

Wait and even assures us himself that we can Visit imaginary worlds, experience experiments, and experience interaction with their creatures He swears on his honor that it is possible without leaving your bed.

Keep the idea and come with me Together we travel to three hundred years before the birth of Christ, where one of the most powerful secret groups arose

In the world there is a group of the first Theosophists, whose followers claim that Manu and Buddha Gosios, Plato and others with money, influence and knowledge were affiliated with it

Most of the principles of this group were literally based.

However, man is another entity without the physical entity, and you claim that this is the spiritual entity It is an ethereal entity that can separate from the body and swim in the kingdom

This is where the idea of ​​metaphysical travel came from.

To this day, this trend has doctors and scientists who compose a set of scientific theories for it

It doesn’t matter to us, and you’ll know where Inju Swan’s thoughts come from

Now let’s go back to his journey to Jupiter.

I don’t know what made him so confident that his information was correct, and he knows that around that time he had It launched a group of huge probes that were specifically aimed at getting close to that planet.

and photographing it, and the surprise was that after less than five years it became clear that only his information was correct One, and the man, until the day of his death in the year two thousand and thirteen, remained a believer in his ideas and adhered to them.

Yes, and so are his followers as long as we have people like these, and as long as we promise that we can Travel the world without leaving our humble rooms.

Is this not the reason for the existence of the Internet in the first place? Is metaverse something different? And I knew that the inspiration came from an ancient pagan idea whose details date back to the Hellenistic era now.

I will tell you the information that may change the way you think, maybe forever

But I don’t want you to get lost from me or lose your focus Probably take a minute’s rest Now you will see a random ad don’t care Go get your coffee or pray or whatever just don’t tell me.

Don’t forget that I’m still here waiting for you

the metaverse history second part

the metavirese history

I don’t know if it’s worth it but I’m sure if the teeth were to open The box of doom, to break the wall, to awaken Gog and Magog, I imagine he would do it out of curiosity But I am also sure that curiosity can open the doors to science, goodness and innovation, so I will take a risk.

Friends of my friends a while ago we came up with a group of ideas We crossed history back and forth until we came up with an idea Astral or etheric projection, but for this moment it is not yet enough to craft a technique.

Modern ensures that you can live a complete travel experience without leaving your bed How did we go from the myths of ethereal travel to the alternative reality or augmented reality technology that promotes.

Its a the metaverse history? Where do these people get their ideas from, we don’t want to be just consumers We also want to produce We also want to think ?

We also want to be free Well, let me take you back to the ’70s with your permission of course because something happened to our friend Anju Swan during one of the alleged travel experiences where Dr. Michael Bersinger studied.

Clinical trial for Swan, and he discovered that, beyond any doubt, he showed electrical brain activity Large in the right prefrontal lobe, specifically the part associated with the sensory and visual stimuli.

The areas in his brain that were lighting up are the same Areas that light up in our brains when we see a place and try to describe it Knowing that Swann’s eyes were closed, wait This was not a new discovery, as it was known that the senses are only mediums that transmit signals

For the brain, the latter is responsible for converting them into images and sensationsNerve signals inside it can be translated into images, sounds and smellsImagine with me picking up the nerve signals that

Your eyes and the taste buds on your tongue send it as you enjoy eating this cake

Also imagine with me being able to broadcast those signals back into your brain right now

This makes you see the same cake again and swear that its delicious taste is on your tongue now

Do you think I’m a heretic? Do you think that is not

Maybe? Would you be surprised if I told you that this idea is relatively old and that what you think are just myths that exist Now it is being developed by a group of companies worth millions of dollars only

Last year you all saw an ad for Elon Mask for the Neural Link chip,Most of you thanks to the shallow sections and shallow content You know what this chip can do, but Some of you have also announced that the end of humanity will be because of it

No one is interested in knowing what it is, how, or how it works even though we have a lot of content The one who promotes the end of humanity and the establishment of the Hour on its hand is a slice of the Antichrist Wouldn’t it be better to know where the idea came from?

How does it work? We can at least negate the alleged plot Overall, this is a discussion for another day I’m sure you’re now wondering what a slice has to do with it Elon Musk Bmta Virus? First of all, you know that the two technologies came from one motive, which is

Just like we saw with astral projection, but in a more scientific way After the announcement of Neural Link and the pig experiment The matter raised great fears, this product needs a surgical procedure in the end, which causes

It makes it impractical, at least in the current era, but it created great controversy and thirst for me The public to try something new that takes them from their limited reality to another limitless reality The first to realize that the market is thirsty

It was Mark Zuckerberg He removed many obstacles in the technology he preached

You do not need a brain implant, and there is no need to send nerve signals to itHe realizes that the eye and the ear are our means of communicating with the world He will just pour what he wants into your ears and eyes

Because that’s more than enough to transport you to his fantasy world All you need is to put this helmet onyour head, and it will completely obscure reality from you, and present you with a virtual reality, and this is what is called VR technology

Meta “formerly Facebook” is not the first to By the way, what is new with this company?

It is a the metaverse history world, something that is intended to be a virtual world that you can visit if you want, a world that you can Being in it what you want and meeting your friends without having to leave your room The company also wants this world to mingle with the real world



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