What role does the NFT play? nft reviews 03

What role does the NFT play?

NFT Among them we find a (Non-fungible token) These are the images that we see that have been mined in the blockchain For example, I have a picture and you have a picture that they do not have the same value.

So this alternative was made because in the absence of smart contracts they would be defined as similar to RC20 and we put this token in He can’t read it.

Here this technology was created, which came with the basis that we know that the tokens registered in the blockchain are not the same As written, each token is unique and unique and is yours alone.

Like saying that so-and-so owns 20 bitcoins, which means 20 bitcoins tokens, all of them are the same As for another person who owns 20 NFT, they are not the same, one is not the same as the other.

Because it is the knowledge we have in the blockchain. The contract is identifiable as RC721

This is only an introduction to the field, we talked about itCurrently a lot of people! I don’t know how to explain it to you.

Because I have to show you with an example they look at those numbers that are used

They wonder why these numbers.

Why was this thing sold at such a specific price?

What role does the NFT play? Why would I buy a panel at such a high price??

He laughs Why did you find N.F.T???, I am a personal opinion, which we can differ in the end because it is personal opinions in which the difference is possible In defining the concept of NFT and the reason for its creation, whoever knew it wanted to present an appreciation for the artists.

Why?? Because we are in the real world. A person paints a painting, whether Picasso or anyone else, the painting does not cost him anything Only a plate and a piece of paper, it can be assumed that he bought it for twenty dirhams Some pens add thirty or forty dirhams to it, so it costs him approximately fifty Dollars.

And that painting remains unique because he painted it and put effort into it

So this painting, despite taking pictures of it or taking a copy of it, remains unique

Not like the original But the current digital art is expensive as the artist buys.

Acquire an electronic board equivalent to ten million centimeters ILLUSTRATOR AND PHOTOSHOP and get tired of drawing

He did his best in that painting, and you find it wonderful. He studied a lot and understood in lighting When you record it as a picture, it’s all the same

We cannot recognize the original, so sometimes… He always drew his paintings and shared them because no one would give him that appreciation.

Before the existence of NFT ??

Before there was NFT why??Because he was doing it as a challenge Twelve years my friend hahaha Every day he took pictures, he was compensated for the effort he put in by his fans So we want to give credit to that artist As an artist, you record your painting in the form of an image and you mine it to save it on the blockchain.

Imagine with me so far he’s still drawing, yeah sure Did you know that when I made a video it had 5 thousand and 60 and now it is 5 thousand and 296.

It has sold and still is! Yes of course it is art Did you understand??

Tough because he paints in a different waySecondly, I see it frankly in many things!!! As I said that day regarding money laundering, it is easy Why?

For example, you have 100 million So you look for someone who has the money to lay eggs Because money is being laundered frankly,

so that we do not lie, although this should not be said because it does not impress people when you tell them that NFT is used in this, but in fact it is used in that



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